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Our company through the years

Friday, October 30, 2020

Our Story

A thirty year Path from the beginning to present time:


The first steps

At the end of the '70s the two brothers Battista & Martino Da Canal founded B. NORD PAVI 2000 SRL, operating in the industrial paving field, implementing a growing development of the firm and introducing new technologies directed at the realization of large paving solutions, nationally and internationally.

Safety and Legislation

Fundamental for B. NORD PAVI 2000 SRL was the implementation of the legislation for protection, safety and prevention in the work environments as well as the regulations provided for the public certifications.  B. NORD PAVI 2000 SRL was capable of conforming promptly ahead of the competition.


Quality at heart, ISO standards

B. NORD PAVI 2000 SRL has strenghtened its position on the marketplace achieving in 2002 the ISO UNI 9001 certification, which was then modified in 2003 in UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, while in 2004 has achieved the SOA certification for the G08 cat & OS26 cat III categories.

Reliability at the base of Success

Member of the Board of the category Association CONPAVIPER with the aim of pushing the market toward the optimization of the application packages with the usage of the most modern technologies. Battista Da Canal Has also participated at the working group dedicated at drafting of the Uni Legislation directed at the industrial pavements which was published in October 2005.

A new Beginning

B. NORD PAVI 2000 SRL becomes NORDPAVI Srl. Under the direction of Christian & Luca Da Canal the two sons of Battista Da Canal, founder of B. NORDPAVI 2000. Nordpavi is born from a branch of B. NORD PAVI 2000 SRL with a strong focus on pavements in the infrastructure areas and also specialized pavements, offering, as a contractor and service provider, of quality solutions.
The Present

Our Promise

A constant update on materials and technologies, decades of specialized expertise in the development and research of concrete pavements, a fleet capable of responding in a flexible manner to the most diverse logistical and size requirements, perfect knowledge of the industry and of the materials and all its possible declinations. These are the distinctive traits that make of NORDPAVI S.r.l a company of Excellence  In the world of the large pavements with particular attention to the Airport Sector.


Christian Da Canal
Owner and Partner Nordpavi with the brother Luca. Technical and commercial background. Already in Bnordpavi2000 he participated to the creation of important structures. Head of Sales and Marketing.
Luca Da Canal
Owner and Partner Nordpavi. Surveyor from 2008, now Technical Director of Nordpavi and RSPP. Currently responsible for the construction Sites and for the ongoing projects.
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