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NORDPAVI S.r.l  is after solutions on the forefront of technology which will allow for an efficient installation of the pavements.

This ensures the least possible interference with Airport Activities, the best times for completion and the best results increasing the durability of the products reducing at the same time maintenance costs.

PIn order to work with a high level of productivity, enable faster times for completion, operate with high productivity, and to speed up times and delivery, reducing the occurrence of cracks, NORDPAVI offers:

  • Dedicated Technical Assistance during planning stages in order to find site-specific solutions
  • Selection of materials and technologies best suited to the project, depending on the physical and geomechanical characteristics of the site.
  • Two Main techniques: Truss Screed e Slipform.


Christian Da Canal
Owner and Partner Nordpavi with the brother Luca. Technical and commercial background. Already in Bnordpavi2000 he participated to the creation of important structures. Head of Sales and Marketing.
Luca Da Canal
Owner and Partner Nordpavi. Surveyor from 2008, now Technical Director of Nordpavi and RSPP. Currently responsible for the construction Sites and for the ongoing projects.
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